Music clubs are fantastic to play in. Other clubs at DCGS, like the MUN Society or the wide range of sports clubs are great and can enhance your experience at school, however music clubs have that extra edge. By way of explanation, here are a few reasons as to why they are so good.

Firstly, there is a vast selection of music clubs that you can join, ranging from the Guitar Ensemble to the Jazz Band (pictured right). Furthermore, the clubs vary in ability, meaning that everyone - from beginners to more advanced musicians - has a group they can partake in.

As well as this, there’s the benefit of learning - that’s what you come to school for, right? On a more serious note, there is genuinely so much to be learnt from music clubs. Practising with other people who you may not know, builds teamwork skills. Moreover, playing in a club gives you the opportunity to perform in front of large audiences because of the many concerts that are hosted. And, of course, it makes you better at that instrument! Practice makes perfect, after all.

Most importantly, however, playing instruments is good fun!

The great variety of clubs wouldn’t be possible without the fantastic music staff. Mr Tansley, Mr Da Silva and the visiting music teachers allow all students to flourish and enrich their time at Challoner’s.

Interested for when we reopen? You can find out more about the available music clubs on the school website here.

Sax Quartet
Brass Ensemble
Jazz Workshop