On Wednesday 16th March, Year 9 were treated to a show of Romeo and Juliet by the Young Shakespeare Company. The performance was to help with our understanding of the famous play we are currently analysing, and will be the core of the end of year exams.

The experience was very interactive, with the four cast members engaging thoroughly with the audience. They focused on three main scenes in the play, and tried to show how the scenes could be performed differently. Firstly, there was the Capulet party scene, the cast of the Young Shakespeare Company asked for volunteers to give different ways the actors could perform the scene. These could range from whispering to running around the stage. The next scene was the famous balcony scene. The actors this time asked how Romeo and Juliet could speak in this scene. The responses from the Yr9’s were very broad, like from Musicals to Match Of The Day. The actors did a fantastic job of performing the scenes in these styles, showing us that there were no wrong answers when it came to Shakespeare. The third and final scene was the fight between Romeo’s friend Mercutio, and Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt. The actors here showed how fight scenes could be shown in a play, without actually harming anyone.

Overall, the experience was amazing, and something the Yr’s could remember to take into consideration for the exams later on. Above all, it taught us that when it comes to looking at how Shakespeare wants characters to act, there is no right or wrong answer. A huge thanks to the Young Shakespeare Company and the English Team at Challoners for organising the performance.