An Irish Blessing - DCGS Girls VI Form Choir

2nd March 2021: The DCGS Girls’ Choir meets every Wednesday morning at 8.30 as we find it’s quite a tonic to start...

Parties During the Pandemic

28th February 2021

If I was Boris Johnson...

26th February 2021

COVID-19: Criminal Justice System Backlog

24th February 2020

COVID-19 Vaccines: the What, How and Why

22nd February 2021

The Importance of Reporting the Truth

22nd February 2021

Lockdown Music Performances

12th February 2021

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10th February 2021

A Different Challoner's Speaks

8th February 2021

The Legacy of Captain Sir Tom Moore

8th February 2021

A Win for the Debate Team and for Equality

4th February 2021

Exams Changed Once More

2nd February 2021