DCGS has a long tradition of House Competitions. From the 1920s to the 1970s there were four houses at the school - Challoner, Hampden, Milton and Penn - all named after renowned Buckinghamshire residents. The house system was abolished during the 1970s, but reinstated in 2004. Upon entry to the school, students are allocated to one of six houses - Foxell, Holman, Newman, Pearson, Rayner and Thorne - all of which are named after previous headmasters.

A vast range of competitions are keenly contested during the course of the year with the winning house being presented with the House Shield. There are currently over 70 competitions contested annually, ranging from sports, drama and music to orienteering and code-breaking. It encourages participation from all members of each house and also gives significant opportunities for taking on responsibility with approximately 90 boys involved each year as Captains, Deputy Captains, Mentors or Representatives.

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House representatives


Captains: Callum Hodson, James Galvin and Varoonan Sritharan

Sixth Form Mentors for Year 7
William Lea, Elliot Naylor, Varoonan Sritharan and William Driscoll

Form representatives
Year 7: Arran Dhanda and Henry Ryland
Year 8: Scott Gildersleve and Zach Clark
Year 9: Rex Vidal and Shreyes Verma
Year 10: Karun Biring and Sam Woodroff
Year 11: Theo Weatherall and Yousef Kaler

Staff: Mrs Adams, Mrs Akerman, Mrs Atkinson, Mrs Blake, Mr Buchanan, Mr Buckland, Mr Butler, Ms Byrne, Mr Cadman, Mrs Challis, Mr Clare, Mrs Cross, Mr Cullen, Mr Deadman, Mrs Flattery, Mr Hutchinson, Mr Laferton, Mrs McAloon, Mrs Peeris, Mrs Priggs, Lady Redmond, Mrs Smith and Mr Wojewodka


Captains: Sachin Kapadia, Emma Taylor and Charlie Barraclough

Sixth Form Mentors for Year 7
Felix Gibson, Yuuki Hodgson-Sakamoto, Zahra Rehemtulla and Jasprit Babraha

Form representatives
Year 7: Ethan McCall and Lucas Hofalvi
Year 8: Maxim Michau and Tom Craddock
Year 9: Luke Harrison and William Mayhew
Year 10: Jack Morgan and Marcus Los
Year 11: Luke Marsden and Ewan Mayhew

Staff: Mrs Adi, Mr Almada da Silva, Mrs Baker, Mrs Black, Mrs Blake, Mrs Burton, Mr Bushe, Miss Cronin, Ms Fifield, Mr Gledhill, Mrs Grant, Mrs Green, Mrs Greiff, Mr Healy, Mr Holloway, Mrs Lambert, Mrs McShane, Mrs Narcisi, Mr Parker, Mr Robertson, Mr Tansley, Mr Thompson and Mrs Webb


Captains: Henry King, Ben Race and Gianluca Abbate

Sixth Form Mentors for Year 7
John Westall, Emily Bambridge, George Pickford and Isaac Gresham

Form representatives
Year 7: Christian Grant and George Feinson
Year 8: Yotam Margoninski-Morrag and Hector Jackson
Year 9: Jackson Creed and Teague Eaton
Year 10: Liam Potter and Ethan Reuter
Year 11: Laurence Mott and Josh Tollerfield

Staff: Mr Abbas, Mr Atkinson, Mrs Borrell, Mr Buckridge, Mrs Burnett, Mr Clayton, Mrs Collins, Mr Goodall, Mrs Harrington, Mrs Krishnaswamy, Mrs Krusche, Mr Lunnon, Mr Malin, Mr Morgan, Mrs Popely, Mrs Sealy, Mrs Snow, Mr Spenceley, Mr Tingey, Mrs Walker, Miss West, Mrs Whitby and Mrs Whittle


Captains: Zachary Collingbourne, Freddie Lawson and Matthew Bellamy

Sixth Form Mentors for Year 7
Hugo O'Hanlon, Rohan Sahota, Calumn Burrell and Carl Hynes

Form representatives
Year 7: William Parry and Oliver Spicer
Year 8: Ed Bellamy and Robbie Spittal
Year 9: Ed Canney and Luke Corey
Year 10: Aaron Litvin and Sujan Ahilan
Year 11: Dan Cox and Angus Williams

Staff: Mrs Beedell, Mr Burn, Mr Colquhoun, Mrs Dawes, Mr Deakin, Mrs Elliott, Mr Freeman, Mrs Gregan, Mrs Jones, Miss Kamperis, Mr Keen, Mrs Latham, Mrs Mauro, Mr Parkinson, Mr Pontin, Dr Richards, Mrs Rodgers, Mrs Sanders, Mrs Sarahs, Mr Sharp and Mr Silvester


Captains: Dominic Dunster, Jonny Grint and Adam Swede

Sixth Form Mentors for Year 7
Joe Dwyer, Ben Coombes, Caitlin Frank and Kirsty Lawrie

Form representatives
Year 7: Charlie Ventress and Daniel Topliss
Year 8: Shubhan Selvaranjan and Leo Nash
Year 9: Thomas Cox and Michael Packer
Year 10: Ethan Roche and Anshu Attavar
Year 11: Zain Mobarik and Drew Cordiner

Staff: Mr Agius, Mr Ambrose, Miss Ashton, Mrs Beazley, Miss Bristow, Mr Bristow, Miss Day, Mr Dobby, Mr Duggan, Mr Elliott, Mr Flower, Mr Hamill, Mr Hamill, Mr Hopkins, Mr Knight, Mrs Nataraj, Miss Nicolson, Mrs Orr, Mr Sebrell, Mr Sharpe, Mrs Shepherd, Dr Thompson and Mrs Trueman


Captains: Monty Weatherall, Yaseen Valjy and Sam Hennell

Sixth Form Mentors for Year 7
James Tomlin, Devan Owen, Jonny Carr and Mack Pegram

Form representatives
Year 7: Daniel Ladd and Edward Newhams
Year 8: Ben Morris and Jasper Fox
Year 9: Cheran Kalamohan and Harry Doyle
Year 10: Padraig Hill and Jamie Robinson
Year 11: Jack Payne and Max Iyengar

Staff: Mr Ampah-Korsah, Mr Anning, Mrs Beasley, Miss Binnion, Mrs Casey, Mr Clayton, Mrs Cornelius, Mr Davies, Mr Graham, Mrs Halpin, Mr Iyengar, Ms Jackson, Mr Kennedy, Mr Millar, Ms Nicholls, Mrs Nieboer, Mrs Paterson, Miss Robertson, Mr Slingsby, Mrs Thorn, Mrs Timpson, Mr Wallington-Smith and Mrs Whitby