It’s a massive step up when you begin your secondary school journey, but, for me, there is no better place to make that nerve-wracking transition than at Dr Challoner’s.

Lessons in Year 7 are engaging and fun; you learn in interesting ways, for example, lessons often include practical work, like bringing out Bunsen burners or microscopes, which always excites the class, and fully focuses us on the lesson. It’s quite overwhelming how much I’m learning at Challoner’s. I’ve also learnt not to be afraid to speak up as sixth formers and teachers will always help you if you need them to.

Video interview with Shreeyansh (Current Student)

Video editing by John Nickless (Current Student)

Since starting here, I have settled in quickly and made many new friends. It only takes a week or two to memorise where all your classes are and to form new routines. And, as there are 179 other boys to talk to, as long as you are friendly to everyone, you will make friends in no time!

As for extracurricular activities, there are a large variety of sports teams. You can represent the school in football, rugby, cricket, basketball , hockey, cross country as well as many many more. And if sport isn’t your thing, there are lots of other options such as tabletop club, the guitar ensemble, show choir, photography club and art club! At Challoner’s, there really is something for everyone. If you are thinking of joining our school, I can guarantee that you will find something to sign up for.

In Year 7, you also go on amazing school trips, including a three night stay at the UK Sailing Academy in the Isle of Wight. I particularly enjoyed trying the fantastic activities such as keel-boating and kayaking.

Year 7 at Dr Challoner’s is terrific, and everyday, I wake up excited to go to school again.